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Friday, February 27, 2004

Well, wasn't I surprised! Today I defended my dissertation. I had been forwarned by two of my committee members that they had significant criticisms/comments concerning my work. One of them said "I am going to be hard on you." I fully suspected that I was going to have to spend months correcting/reconstructing my dissertation. But as it turns out, although there are considerable changes to be made, most of them are cosmetic or involve being more forthcoming with personal interpretative comments which my committee members felt were lacking. I also need to add a few pages, but really not more than ten or so. The session began with prayer by Bobby Clinton, then I shared a seven or eight minute retrospective on how I came to do this dissertation and what the journey has been like. Afterwards, the comments of the outside reader were read and commented upon, then each of my committee members read and explained their comments, each in turn. I interacted lightly as opportunity was provided. The critiques were all very reasonable and appreciated. . .I will do all of them. My committee members told me they consider me a brilliant person.... I recorded the comments! At the conclusion, I was asked to leave the room, then called back after about one minute. When I returned, I was told "Congratulations, Dr. Dauermann." Not bad! We then went outside, where we enlisted passerby Anne White to take two pictures of us. I then phoned family members and friends. Quite a day. Quite a day!

What remains is to spend time reflecting on what having a PhD will mean for me and the work to which I have been called.