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Thursday, February 26, 2004

On subject of PhD. Ran into Marilyn Clinton on campus today. She told me Bobby has been reading my paper each night and feels it is bright work somewhat over his head [that is because my expertise is not his area]. Also had brief discussion with Dan Shaw, another of my commitee members, who has been reading my paper until midnight the last two days. When I thanked him for taking the trouble to read it in such a detailed manner, he commented that "I do so when the work is fine/excellent" or words to that effect. I know also from a phone conversation that my outside reader is really enjoying the paper, and of course my mentor is very much on my side. So I expect that I will certainly pass tomorrow [Friday], and by 4:00 PM will be Stuart Dauermann, PhD.

I found myself quite relaxed walking around campus today. Frankly, since I have been around there for so long (fifteen years!), when I walked around I felt that faculty and staff members were feeling "Is HE still here??? My docorate is a vindication of my presence. Feels good.

More later.