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Monday, December 20, 2004

Why I Need to Davven - Part Two

Another reason I need to davven is that it helps me re-erect the fallen Tabernacle of David in my own life, by which I mean, it helps me to form a series of constructs to constitute the context of my life for the day ahead.

You see, I believe that to a large degree, reality is a construct. It is what it is, but on an experiential level, it is what you make it, or rather, what you make it, it is! When I awaken in the morning, I am often in the grip of anxieties, inner voices, temptations, stresses that pull me hither and yon. If I simply go forth into my day in such a condition, I am apt to be something of a pinball being batted about by these stresses, temptations and anxieties, flipped all over the map. How much better to take the time to pray through the liturgy [aloud and attentively]. When I do so, I endeavor to pay atttention to what I am reading/saying, stopping here and there when a thought arrests me, both praying and praying about what I am praying, pressing on through the entire shacharit liturgy.

This is what I did the other day, when I awakened especially scattered and batted about. I found at the end of the time of prayer [yes, it was about an hour]], that I was settled, not simply emotionally. I had again taken my position in my chosen world, the world of God's choices, and because I had done so, my life that day was more my own because more his.

May it ever be so, and in ever widening circles in the Messianic and wider Jewish community..